Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 App Reviews

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CANNOT believe this is only 99¢!! Wtfudge

It's really nice and educational.... worth 10 times it's cost, EASILY. :) Nice job! please keep releasing content as amazing as this. Put ur shoulder to the plow...

Awesome App

Animations are excellent. Sections are thoughtfully arranged. Great for gross anatomy down to micro-anatomy. Great tool for understanding anatomy.

Awesome app!

I’m learning so much with this app, it’s very well done and easy to navigate. Definitely one of my favorite apps. Highly recommended.


VERY cool app for anyone interested in human anatomy. I found the interface to be simply elegant, the tools to be powerful yet easy to understand, and the model to be accurate and absolutely beautiful. Solid across the board! Recommended. Looks like they just got all of the Views to work with AR!!


This app is absolutely fantastic! Having been a child brought up on encyclopedias, this is something I fantasizes about! The systems and movements and as icing on the cake the way each part can be repositioned for viewing different angles! I've had a knee injury and difficulty explaining the location of the pains. The app provided the perfect visual and 3D movement structure to show my doctor and physical therapist the exact areas! I had placed this app on my wish list as the cost was a bit high but then I received a notification of a sale price and I quickly acted! I'm very happy with it! Still learning my way around but so far it's great!


Great app to visualize anatomy. I had to pay $50/semester for a similar program but this one is way better and more interactive. A must have for any anatomy student.


Very detailed and well structured. Can't beat it


Truly the best app I have used for anatomy. The developers of this app should be very proud. It is also incredibly cheap which allows those with a tight budget the ability to access this affordable yet incredibly powerful app. The constant updates and perseverance of the developers has led to this successful app. If the developers can keep the app affordable and strong, I truly believe their app can become the virtual anatomy app used by all institutions and schools for helping educate the young and professional. Thank you for your honorable labor in making this app powerful yet affordable for us all.

Good but not really AR

A very good anatomy explorer. However floating the 3D model on a virtual table is barely “AR” and is actually an inferior way to use this app. Way easier to use the conventional touch interface. My wish: This could be so much better — for instance hold out your hand and see the inner structure as you move your hand. Or point the camera at your friend and see internal anatomy. AR has so much potential but this app gets a C for effort regarding AR.


I wish I had this available in medical school, internship, residency(Neurology) and in practice. Retired now but thoroughly enjoying reviewing all other body systems. Well worth the price!

This app blew me away

As an artist struggling to learn dynamic muscle structures like those in the forearm, this app couldn't have helped me more. You can see all of the muscles and forms moving and in 3D!

Simply Remarkable

This app is extremely well thought through. With the new AR capabilities, the App provides a full fledged opportunity to learn, explore and to behold.

Alta's Anatomy

Just keep on getting better to explore the human body ❣️

Great anatomy app

I am a faculty member teaching Point of Care ultrasound to medical students and residents and physicians and I found the app very helpful to review anatomical details and also to develop course content. It would be very helpful to have corresponding ultrasound images in both labeled and unlabeled format with some animations in augmented reality for the ultrasound images with both normal and pathological findings. Point of care is a rapidly growing area of ultrasound and will be an integral part of medical education as well as education for medical residents and so it would be great to have that feature as well. Something to look into and if you need any tips you can look at some ultrasound simulation products by companies like Simbionix 3D systems and CAE. For sure that feature would be welcomed by the medical community and will address a real need in medical education. Thanks.


In Anatomy and this app is so helpful! Thank you!

Very informational!

Love this app! Very in depth and fun to use!

Amazing app, phenomenal animations

Beautiful tool for learning anatomy and exploring the relationships, function, and connections. Would 10/10 recommend.

Great App

This is the best App that I found for Anatomy. I have spent tons of money on books and study guides, and all along, everything I needed was right here in this App! Easy to understand and thorough!

Great app

This app is almost perfect. The only downfall which keeps me from giving it a 5 star is the fact that it keeps on crashing. Otherwise it's a great app for $0.99!

Great app for learning anatomy

This app is very helpful to me as a first year medical student who is taking anatomy and needs to learn anatomy very well. Instead of spending hours in the anatomy lab, I have a virtual body that I can turn around, zoom in or out, and see very clearly various structures and their relationships with each other. I like that when I click a muscle, bone, nerve, etc, a side bar gives salient information about selected structures. I can even look at videos that show what motion is produced by a selected muscle. Having this app is better than carrying a heavy anatomy atlas. I also very much appreciate the price. I haven't had a good comparison with other, more expensive apps, but this app serves well for me. By the way, you can choose a female body, too, and study female anatomy if you so choose.

Flawless & Perfect!

Worth way more than .99¢! Grab it while it's cheap!!!

Detailed, robustly equipped, and intuitive -- an essential for students and providers alike

This is my first app of this sort that I've downloaded so I can't compare it to others. That withstanding, I'd argue that this surpasses every anatomical image provided in A&P textbooks and is immeasurably more convenient than the physical models we use in classrooms. For healthcare providers, this is the future of explaining conditions to patients -- an intuitive 3-D model with incredible specificity. This is a highly detailed, easily navigable model of the human body, and with its set of user-friendly tools you can gracefully view any gross anatomical feature within (and without) whatever surrounding systems you need to see it in.

Just what I needed.

Perfect for anatomy classes.


Took a little time to learn how to best show all views. Love it!


Wish I had had it for medschool!


There's a $20 app most of my classmates got. They all think this one is better, and it's only a buck.

A fun and informative tool!

I bought this app (for iOS AND for MacOS) to learn just WHY my neurosurgeon says I have a "very interesting neck," comparing the app's views to my own x-rays. My neurosurgeon asked where to get the app too. (I was once pre-med, but quit when I just couldn't get interested in learning all those darn nerves fanning out from the human spine. If I'd had this app, I might be an MD today instead of just a PhD!)

Very helpful for anatomy

Features work well and is easy to navigate.


Just as the title says. You can rotate, zoom in, select, hide, filter, you name it. Each organ system is split into sections for easier viewing. I honestly can't see how it can get better. Like this is just the pinnacle of learning anatomy on a phone


By far my favorite App. Incredible 3D renditions. Love all the features (dissect, micro-anatomy, cross sections). Would have been awesome in nursing school!

Super helpful

I wish I would have found this app while I was taking my anatomy course. The app does a great job at both illustrating different structures as well as providing a solid description of their function. It's also just really cool to use. The app runs well too; it hasn't crashed on me once. Overall, great app!!


Works great for a great price, highly recommended!

Worth every cent

Amazing app for anatomy students. You won't give a better resource

I'm loving it for only $1

Use this app. It has every system in it.



To be fair

It's annoying to have to pay another $19 for some animations-it's a little bit laggy in iPhone 6s-this app uses battery like what-other than these it's a great app

Love it!!!

This app makes me want to pursue a medical career!!!

Exactly what I've been looking for!

It's easy and simple to use. The app contains cadaver images as well CT scans which makes it very nice to understand/compare. Highly recommend it.

Great for learning and teaching anatomy

The ability to show any 3d view with an ability to hide and show systems is great.

Great app

It was great until the pronounciation stopped working.


🔥 awesome Awsome. Awsome. ☝🏻


Amazing features. Well worth it!

The best anatomy app!!!

As an instructor of realistic self-Defense martial arts and a scientist, I find this app easy to use and very thorough. The way they organized the content for ease of navigation helps tremendously. A must have for anyone needing comprehensive anatomy information on your device. The customer service department is also highly responsive and amazing to work with. Well done!

Good app

I definitely like this app but suggest adding the ability to filter out veins, to make it easier to follow the pathway of arteries. It seems too cluttered otherwise. Great work guys, thanks!


Es una de las Apps de anatomía que uso constantemente , es confiable , exacta y muy específica , buen diseño y buena calidad visual . Muchas gracias por esta App que siempre me ayuda còmo médico . Gracias .

Too little detail.

It has cool features but more detail is needed for the price. This app has much more potential. Please add more microanatomy and connective tissue etc.

Better than investing in a book

I love the user interface and the quiz components. It's easy to use, and has no problems running on my iPhone 6+ and my iPad Air. I would highly recommend this app to students in professional programs who would like to avoid carrying around a printed anatomy atlas.


The only anatomy app you will ever need.

Great for Students

I am particularly pleased with Visible Body and their Anatomy Apps. They are leading the way for a great resource for many students at different levels. Whether in high school, college, perhaps even medical school, this app and the others offered by Visible Body offer a great overview and certainly the best graphics and user interface. There are medical organizations and practices that have utilized this app, or others (mostly by Visible Body), and even have custom apps for their businesses. This offers a great way to provide information to patients to further facilitate their conditions and information about their bodies. There have been several updates and there continues to be innovation. The addition of MRI scan of several transverse/axial planes of the head to the most distal regions of the lower extremities. This is a great way for many to begin to learn how to read MRIs and get a feel for thinking about the body in three-dimensional space and not simply as a two-dimensional image. One critique of this app and the collaboration of the others is there is a ton of overlap between the apps. Many of them share similar if not identical information, which is not necessarily a bad thing because it allows users to access information of apps they may not have purchased. This is great so people don't have to buy all the apps if feel like they are missing out on some information the other apps provide. I personally would like to see some more advanced videos with higher level of information and not simply a general description or overview. Including more medically related videos (like that of the pathology videos) would be fantastic for those who want to learn in a more interactive way. Complex topics like hormones (endocrinology), the relationships between different regions and the communication thereof, medical treatments, and the how professionals analyze and find solutions. Any way to advance involvement of the user and require interaction would be another great way to further improve this app (and certainly any of the other apps). I haven't been disappointed by this app or by Visible Body. They do a great job and deliver quality products. Lastly, for anyone considering or questioning purchasing this or any of the other apps offered by Visible Body, the price is not as bad as you may think. It is very worth the purchase. I have no doubts in any of my purchases because Visible Body does deliver and take their work to heart. The support staff is incredible and are better than the products. I owe them a special thanks for everything they have done for me.

Could not recommend more highly!

This is the best anatomy app out there! Truly an unparalleled user experience. Switching between languages is a breeze, and the new disarticulated skull is too cool!

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