Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 App Recensioni

Cool app

In Paramedic class, great for visual study and review.

Awesome interface, but missing a ton of content

The app is designed beautifully and is easy to navigate, but is missing a ton of content. I’m currently a medical student studying anatomy, and am finding that tons of structures talked about in lecture are missing. For example, the acromium and corocoid process are basic anatomical anatomical features of the shoulder, but they’re not specified. This is only one of literally dozens of examples! If you can get it on sale for $1 it’s worth it, but I regret paying $24. I’d recommend looking at other options before committing to this one.

Life saver

This app made anatomy so easy, use this paired with a book for example: rouviere,latarjet and others since the app itself doesnt tell you the divisions of the bones or the extremes. Would be good if they added that when you separate them


This app is absolutely, and I believe well worth the money spent. I actually just discovered the augmented reality feature and was blown away! 5 stars, hands down!

Lily 1309

Awesome and cool.


This app is incredible. A very useful learning tool for anatomy & physiology. Worth it!

Anatomy 2019

Just more exciting app in keeping up with the human development bodies knowledge 👌 Awesome app that keeps you up with healthy lifestyle 🎈

The best app

The best app

It’s actually that incredible!

I bought a learning skull. I wish I would have saved my money for this. It’d be nice if you didn’t have to purchase extras.

Wow! Wow! Woweeee!

Unbelievable, wonderful, fantastic app! I'm not one to take time to write reviews. But I have to thank the developers of this incredibly useful tool. I am a singing teacher who focuses on functional technique, i.e. the way the larynx and its surrounding structures move (thus influencing how the larynx functions). Mine is a relatively unusual approach to teaching vocal technique, but I get amazing results with my students from this methodology. For years I've been looking for a book, pictures, diagrams that can show me practically how the muscles of the larynx & pharynx are layered so I can understand which muscles to release or contract. And this app does it all (except showing me how the intrinsic muscles of the larynx move). This app allows me to FADE muscles so I can see what's underneath them. It shows me the nerves innervating the larynx, the blood vessels, the membranes, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can show my massage therapist, my physical therapist and my chiropractor specifically what to work on now. I look forward to add on features to this amazing app. I've been sharing it with my students as well, so you have an enthusiastic (if not evangelical) marketing consultant in perhaps an unexpected client base. Brands! Bravo!

Worth every penny

Fabulous resource to review anatomy and to educate patients

Muy buena aplicación

Tiene todo lo que necesito... soy estudiante de medicina y conseguí todo lo que buscaba, músculos, arterias, venas, huesos, sus funciones, inserciones, muy buena aplicación

Best Medical School App

Absolutely incredible app. Would gladly pay $100 for how much information is packed into here. Cannot recommend highly enough for medical students! Ten stars!

Great app

Great learning app for the average person interested in anatomy just for information

So helpful!

This app has helped my so much in my musculoskeletal block in medical school. The information is clean, it’s easy to navigate, and the clinical information really helps to contextualize the information. Would strongly recommend to anyone looking to learn human anatomy at any level!

Fascinating visuals

I was having an ‘Issue’ and used this to understand, in a concrete way, what was going on.....My doctor’s son is in med school, wants to use this for anatomy studies....

I don’t usually write reviews, best app ever

I am in a CRNA (nurse anesthesia) program. A friend told me to get this and I was concerned it would take too long to learn to use it. It didn’t! It’s incredible. I think it’s better than the anamotage we have in class. You can rotate and really see the origin and insertion from every view. Love the muscles in movement section. Especially love being able to annotate the pictures with my apple pencil and save them as notecards in the app. Idea for future improvement...ability to export these notecards to quizlet. That would be the kicker. Absolutely incredible. The best app I’ve ever seen. Love.

It's all there! No worries about needing in-app-purchases

I was hesitant to buy this app given how much content was being offered for such a low price. I was worried it was a shell app, with any specifics requiring in-app-purchases. This was NOT the case. It's complete, stand-alone, and detailed. I have used this app to help me locate neuroanatomical structures doing my study of the brain, and it has served me well. The models are detailed and there are tons of useful features with a reasonably low learning curve. Not all things are perfectly intuitive, but they aren't too difficult to figure out and get used to. One feature I haven't yet found is a back button that reverts to the previous view: occasionally I'll accidentally click something and the view will radically change, and I can't easily navigate back. Another useful feature for neuroscientists would be BA/functional regions, and I would gladly pay for an in-app-purchase to get them. Fantastic. Best App I have found for studying the brain. //UPDATE: due to Apple's servers being down, after updating the app it appeared that I needed to buy it again. This was just a temporary glitch, and not he fault of this app. After Apple got their servers back up everything was great again, but it's a shame that a problem of Apple's led to it looking like this app was trying to make me pay twice. Not the fault of the devs, and they should be compensated for the bad reviews (mine included) that were written at this time.


For anyone in medical field or layman, this is a “goto” and “must-have” app. Amazingly constructed for school or practice, office or classroom, or even someone getting surgery or knows someone getting surgery or wishing to explore the body to be able to communicate effectively with a health professional. App can be navigated easily no matter your knowledge. Easily 10 stars!


Muy bueno

Shuts off

Shuts down continually!

Amazing Anatomy App

This app absolutely phenomenal . I have had this game for over two months and it has serves me very well.I have this app on my iPad and iPhone.The Augmented reality is very cool.I recommend this app for the people that are going into medical school,It gives you so much information about every single part of the body, you can learn so much about Anatomy by using this app.It’s totally worth the$0.99 because it gives you loads of information This is definitely the best anatomy app on the App Store.

Best anatomy reference to date, excellent value

There is so much information, and the interactive nature makes it easy to explore it all. I was hesitant to buy at first since I’m studying art, not medicine, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get much use from it. However, compared to the price of a textbook, it’s really not that much at all. This app is the core resource I use to study anatomy. It has information on attachment points for everything, which is helpful for memorizing the shapes and functions of bones. My only complaint would be that the male/female toggle doesn’t show much sexual dimorphism. The male and female skeletons are almost exactly the same, with only the pelvic girdle different. For example, the shape of the spine, the angle and separation of the femurs and the size and shape of the skull are the same when they should not be, which would also affect the posture of the model. My guess is that to get those differences modeled would be an enormous amount of work, and at any rate it’s not especially important unless you’re in art or forensics. Being able to spin around the anatomy and virtually dissect the models is amazing. Also impressive is the animations showing how the muscles operate.

Great app

Love the augmented and animation action of how parts of the body move. Can’t wait for more updates.

Amazing App!

This is a powerful App. The content is organized in a very clear, easy to use way. In addition to detailed human anatomy, it also gives you the option of viewing the muscle actions, a very useful feature to see what all is involved in making a movement.

This app does wonders for pre-health students

The app gives you the complete anatomy of the body with access to regions and cross sections of different body parts (so sagittal, coronal, etc). They even have a quiz portion in the app (there was one for the circle of Willis). It lets you see everything clearly with minimal distortion of images and they give detailed explanations of every nerve, muscle, artery, etc. Extremely helpful app that’s worth the pricey 1.99 investment.

So helpful

I’m a 1st year medical student, and this app has been really helpful. It has really helped me with studying for anatomy! I definitely recommend it.

.99 My foot!

Gets you in the door. Then if you want to see something, pay lots more! Waste of .99 unless you are ready to pay lots more! NOT me!. Flushing it! Want my .99 back!


I tried to download the app but my phone would not let me so idk if I get my money back or not


very nice app Why is there no Arabic language? We hope you Arabic language thanks

Awesomeness- pure and simple

I found this app by dumb luck and can not get enough. It’s well designed, user friendly, and beautiful (nerdy, I know). It’s a great app for studying anatomy anywhere.

This app’s strength is not its detail

You’re marketing this as something you can use “as a reference, instead of an anatomy textbook”. When it does not include things such as the supraorbital nerve or infratrochlear nerve. If someone who was using this had to know where the supraorbital nerve was in order to do a nerve block they would be out of luck. You also say in the video that this is used by “thousands of universities and hospitals around the world” so the above scenario should not be implausible; especially since you are marketing it as a source of information to use instead of an anatomy textbook. This review was made on 8/8/18.


This app is amazing. I never purchase apps but I saw this for $0.99 and had to try it and I am SO glad I did. I would’ve paid WAY more money for the information you get from this! I am an EMT and this is better than any anatomy textbook I’ve ever read

Worth the 99 cents I paid and more

I bought the basic app for 99 cents! It’s really well worth it. Very well done. And the basic app does indeed have skull sutures.


나의 해부학 친구

Great app but ONE suggestion!

The app is great, but I have one suggestion for the developers. Right now the app does not seem to support split screen mode for iPad. Please add this feature as it would be extremely useful for med students who want to reference both the app and their text books on the same screen to study. I will give it 5 starts if this feature is added!

Don’t listen to the critics

This is the best app for anatomy. There are animations of processes (like breathing) that explains to you how it works and what other body parts are included. I’m a nursing student that needs to see more than a figure in a textbook. This is essential to completely understanding the anatomy, how it’s shaped, what is attached, etc. $25 is not cheap, but it’s an investment for your knowledge and future.

This app is great

I am studying for my massage therapy license and this app is great for studying. It gives me the chance to see all the systems of the body and break them down and dissect each part. It also will stay take me back to the exact spot where I last studied which is brilliant.

Great for PA school👍🏻

This app served as a great visual resource for my anatomy course. The short quizzes and videos were great ways to study each system. Highly recommend this app!


I am fascinated with this app. I use it daily to educate my patients. A “picture” is worth a thousand words. I just have a question for the developer. I have the option to see the body in AR mode in my iphone, but not so in my Ipad. Is it possible to have the AR mode in the Ipad air2?

Best study app by far

Absolutely one of my favorites. Clear and easy to navigate

Great app! Just one thing,and a question.

This app is great! But 2 things I want to say;Here in the website when I needed some help trying to find the drawing tools, you said a window would appear after you tap the “draws icon”, But it doesn’t appear in my screen. If it’s a bug,please fix :(. Now the question i want to ask;is it ok to add a description thing for us to use in the tour section in the app?(the section with the pelvis tour and the brain tour). By the way,this app is amazing!! Even the 2017 updates! :)

A True Learning Experience

An amazing app. The clarity of presentation, level of detail, flexibility and ease of use are unmatched by any other anatomical or physiological tool. Short of a hands-on dissection in a first-year anatomy lab, this is the best way to develop a clear understanding of how the human body's systems work, and work together.

Good idea but basic stuff missing!

I would expect that a human antomy app would contain some very BASIC structures such as skull sutures. Not there unless you buy the extra premium skeletal app and even then it was a last minute add-on in the illustration section, not in the main app. I purchased both this AND the premium skeletal supplement (almost $45 together) and now find out from that they allow NO REFUNDS. Outrageous. Better stuff out there!

DPT student

Absolutely necessary for gross anatomy, Love this app gave me an incredible head start for the beginning of my program!

Awesome App

I have had this app for about a year now and it has been such a huge resource. It has had one version update but nothing else. Money well spent.

It’s a scam don’t buy

It’s a scam you pay 24.95 and it looks total different if you get this app. To see video animations you need to pay again for each animation 19.99 dollar . Total scam . Be aware

Love this app! So helpful!

Love being able to look up things on this app without the hassle of Googling! Very interesting!!!

Great app for patient education

I utilize Visible Body apps for patient education in a Physical Therapy setting, and it has been extremely beneficial for helping patients understand their condition.

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